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Does Your Membership Matter?

Absolutely … To continue the work that has begun there needs to be a strong mandate from forestry and wood products businesses that this work is important. The strength of the sector depends on each and every company being an active participant. It is the collective and unified voice of industry that drives initiatives. The size of our membership has a direct correlation to our ability to influence the media, government agencies, or politics, whether at the local, state, or national level.

You’ll notice changes in your renewal this year that will help us be more efficient, more cost effective, and more streamlined.  We are not mailing invoices but rather asking you all to please renew online through the button above. This will eliminate much cost and the need to make frequent trips to the Post Office or Bank for deposits.  In fact, you can help us even more by making your renewal an “annual auto renew subscription,” an option available through our PayPal account. Reducing our cost to solicit and receive membership will save valuable time and expense that can be put toward bringing you the networking experiences that make the VWWC such a great value.

You’ll also notice a dues increase, an action that we have not taken for several years. This increase will help us keep pace with the times and support our ability to pay for the member services and the programs we value.

Please help us propel into 2024 by readily supporting these new changes. We are not a wealthy organization and work very hard to make your dues work for you. We are also directed by a volunteer board of business people who spend every day doing what you all do – managing your businesses for optimum productivity and prosperity. Nonetheless, the board has been meeting to discuss ways that we can better serve our mission and bring you increased opportunity to be active in the woodworking community.

We want to focus our limited resources on:

1.       the annual meeting

2.       quarterly networking meet-ups

3.       an informative and timely monthly enews

4.       a web portal that’s current and drives traffic to YOUR business

5.       a voice in legislative and government affairs

6.       liaisons with other organizations that work to ensure our supply chain

Your membership also affords you the opportunity to participate in determining the future direction of the organization and projects we will undertake on behalf of our members.

What Members Are Saying

Third Branch recently became the newest member of the VWWC. The company had been wanting to join the council for a long time, but the business was never in the right position to do so. Adding the lumber portion of the business has enabled Third Branch to join and bring their knowledge and the businesses’ qualities to the Council. "The team is excited about becoming a member as they feel the Council is a great way to learn about the industry, to network, and open access to new markets for Third Branch’s products"

- Brad Johnson & Derel O'Toole, Third Branch Horse Logging


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